What is Liquid Lettering?

Liquid Lettering is an idea we came up with for a creative fundraiser that would engage participants who wanted an experience that was fun and creative at the same time! One of our newest board members, Robin, offered to host fundraisers in a “Drink & Draw” capacity. For a minimum donation, you can learn the basics of brush pen calligraphy, some basic watercolor blending, and come away with a unique work of art! These kinds of classes have become fairly popular in recent years, and Robin had the idea to teach these classes with the added benefit of it supporting Free Arts NW.

The best news? You can host your own!

You can host at home, or we have a location on both the East and West side! (We are graciously allowed to use space at Creative Roots & Arte Soleil respectively)

You would provide wine, and a spread of snacks for your party (You can offer wine and hors d’oeuvres and maybe another side, and consider inviting your guests to a pot luck). Each of your guests would be making a suggested donation of $25 or more to benefit Free Arts NW.

How to Host a Liquid Lettering:
1.) Send us a message through our Contact Form letting us know you want to host a fundraiser and give us some dates you are looking to host. We will confirm with Robin about their availability, and confirm with you in return.
2.) If you are looking for something themed, let us know!
3.) You can invite up to 19 people (if you want to participate – we can accommodate up to 20 people)
4.) You’ll RSVP to us once you know how many people are coming. (Usually about a week in advance)
5.) We will send you a list of all of the things you need for hosting your party.
6.) Show up! You’ll want to start setting up about half an hour beforehand. Robin will need extra time (sometimes an hour or more).
7.) Have fun! We’ll start with some wine and some food, and then get to the art-making!

A Liquid Lettering class usually runs about two hours.