Feeling a sense of contribution, selflessness, and generosity is essential for healthy development. When youth learn about the needs of others and challenging social issues, they develop empathy and their horizons are broadened. When youth learn that they can make a difference through contributing their time, talent, or work, they learn to value the impact they can have. Society often overlooks the great contributions that youth have to offer. In fact, youth thrive on helping: saving the environment, caring for animals, helping senior citizens, teaching what they know to younger and needier kids, or raising funds for people who are suffering. Feeling like a contributing member of a group is an important part of what make youth well-balanced, caring people.

Free Arts NW facilitates generosity by working with youth on projects that are often donated to improve a community space or brighten somebody’s day that is in need. We frequently ask youth to give away the art they have invested their creative efforts in. Through these sacrifices, youth learn how to give freely without expecting anything in return.