Youth benefit greatly from setting and achieving meaningful goals. Goals are highly individual and may vary from learning how to operate a complicated camera, to finishing a drawing, to working through fears and self-doubt to try something new. When youth are successful in pursuing goals, they learn to navigate challenges and they build their self-esteem.

“When will we do art again? I liked the dancing part best!” -Halley, age 6

Free Arts NW works with individual youth to help them identify and realize their potential. We focus our energy on self-respect and respect from others, with the conviction that youth face barriers and overcome them when resources and effective support are made available. These are important life lessons that serve the youth well in their lives outside of the art room. Our facilitated projects garner a sense of accomplishment and pride in one’s work. We frequently display finished art in the community, further eliciting pride and building self-esteem as works are admired by the community.